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January 2015



Sustainability: How to Make Yourself a Better Person

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Sustainability: How to Make Yourself a Better Person


You open your eyes as the warmth of the sunny tickles your nose. What you find isn’t a beautiful landscape, but dismal and bleak. You’ve woken up to death and destruction. Weren’t you just sleeping in your comfortable bed, dreaming of sugar plums and whatever else you find important? As your day progresses, the people you’ve crash landed with quickly devolve into bickering fools and the murderous demons.

As far as Hollywood is concerned this is the formulaic scenario for the end of the world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s adults during the zombie apocalypse of critically acclaimed The Walking Dead or the children of The 100, a show I’ve recently started watching about the last orbiting space station above a ruined earth. In the first episode the teenagers are thrown to the planet and chaos ensues. In general Hollywood sees the good becoming bad and the bad worse. There are few left untainted by the end.

But why is that? Is it just a view shared by authors as they craft compelling stories? Or does humanity have a chance of survival? Are we so hardwired for doing the unthinkable that when push comes to shove, not only will we shove back, but we’ll stab their back, everyone’s back?
Most Preppers speak of Bug-Out Bags and Bug-Out Locations. There is no question they are heading for the hills. Is that for the main show or because the people left in the aftermath are going to turn feral or as Preppers call it, turn into Zombies?

I understand that everyone reacts differently in an emergency. Not everyone will know what to do. That said, I expect that out of a hundred people, be they adults or teenagers, more than one would keep a cool head. And not just a cool head for staying safe, but the heathen exercise that Hollywood seems to think humanity will go through. Would I protect my family, for certain, would I become a cannibal? I’m pretty sure I’d turn vegan before eating that white meat.

So I ask you, is it a social trend that Hollywood is exploring? Or is humanity traveling that road already? We certainly seem to have more violence in the streets, but then, I didn’t live through either of the great wars. I’m not sure there is more violence, but one more thing to placate the masses akin to the Roman gladiators. Not the violent act itself of course, but the sensationalist way in which our media portrays it. Surely there must be some light-hearted news to have on the ten-o-clock news. They don’t need to start off with murders and muggings. The way in which we deliver the message, the medium, dictates how we consume information. No, I’m not suggesting we bury our heads in the sand, it’s good to be informed. I only say that we don’t need to be inundated with violence.

So if it isn’t a fascination with the macabre or a skewed sense of infotainment, then what of our society? Are we doomed to fail, devolving into heathens? If so, we must change directions, instilling values in ourselves and our children to give of thyself. Be rolled over? No, but neither should we become the bullies. We need to pull together, not be torn apart.

Like many concepts of sustainability though, the journey can be as fulfilling for ourselves as the world around us. By espousing a regime of respect and goodness we may just have a chance, not just of survival, but surviving without turning evil. Keep that in mind every choice you have. Ask yourself with every choice; Will this make me a better person? Will this embrace order or cause chaos? Can I teach this to my children? They say it is a slippery slope, paved with small choices.

  • Barbara Kent

    Slippery slope or not I am quite satisfied with the 5 offspring I have and their moral standards. Don’t give up yet. There is still hope for tomorrow Momma Kent

    • John Kent

      Indeed ethics do begin at home. But then again, that opens up many more questions doesn’t it?

  • Richard

    Got to start watching more uplifting movies! Only the negatives and bad news is news, a sad commentary of our world we live in. We are all born innocent and pure, a blank slate. Nature and nurture determine what kind of people we grow up to be. Good people don’t make the news as much as bad, but their out there.

    • John Kent

      No, they don’t make the news as much, but they should. I read an uplifting article about a Sobey’s employee who walked a blind lady home with her groceries and someone took a picture of him. It turns out the store employees take turns. Now, that’s amazing.

  • Richard

    Think of all the freemasons, people devoting time to charitable good works, great phyilsohical thinkers and leaders. Not everyone is the unwashed rabble.

    • John Kent

      True. There is a tenet of the Freemasons to strive towards doing the right thing for the sake of the thing and for no other reason, charity without recognition. While difficult sometimes, it is a quality everyone should explore.