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August 2014



7 things you need to go off the grid.

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Whether it’s because aliens have descended from the heavens laying waste to the closest city, the zombie horde has already attacked, leaving you and your neighbours without a grocery store or perhaps you just want to go off the grid, there are several things you have to do to make your home and yourself self-sufficient.

There are all too many movies or shows about the end of the world showcasing humanity at its best; hunting each other. The heroes or heroines trek through the wilds in an attempt to save their lost loves or carve out their home. Rarely do these stories point out those people who are self-sufficient and remain in their homes braving the wilds as the beasts pass by their walls. Those stories may be boring, but those people stay alive.

Perhaps you are such a person, hoping to make your home your castle, shoring up the walls so you may stay safe and fed.

To do so, however, there 7 basic elements you must attend to.

1. Food

2. Water

3. Shelter

4. Heat

5. Power

6. Sanitation

7. Relaxation and Entertainment

Could you go off the grid today? Could you live without? It isn’t for everyone, but it’s a real threat, not because of aliens or a zombie horde, but power outages like the one that affected us several years ago, or the great Ice Storm from early this century. For days people couldn’t even leave their laneways for the ice, ice that dragged the power lines down even as it tore trees in half. Stay tuned as we explore these elements of #sustainability.

  • Tim

    John… You’re not really navigating any uncharted territory here, are you? I mean food? Water? Shelter? All that stuff is motherhood. How about pondering on the next 7 items on that list?

    I’ll start you out…Companionship. Plutonic or intimate, it doesn’t matter. One only needs to read the cover of your fantastic book before realizing that being orphaned on a planet full of invading aliens would suck.

    I also wouldn’t be caught dead without my towel.

    • John Kent

      Thank you for the complement Tim. Perhaps I shall write a piece asking if you could only save five people, would you choose for companionship or productivity? Furthermore, in a world without power, I have to admit I’d be hard pressed to be without my computer. It adds to my own mental stability.

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