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John G. Kent

John G. Kent

John G. Kent

John G. Kent is a business advisor, advising on topics ranging from environmental to economic matters with his expertise in small business profitability. On his blog he asks questions like, can we do something about business sustainability? is technology the answer? and can we do it cost effectively? He believes that the world will become sustainable through corporate social responsibility and protecting the three P’s – people, profits, and the planet – and we will achieve that goal with solid business plans.

With almost two decades of small business experience, John is a co-founder of Kenview Farms, which produces sustainable natural beef products and Under the Sun Farm, a sustainable market garden in the Kingston Region. You can find John’s first novel, Orphan Station, which explores family and planetary sustainability, for your e-reader or in print. His new book on crafting the perfect business plan will be available in late 2015. John is currently advising small businesses on environmental and financial issues focusing on the benefits of business plans.

John received a Bachelor of Commerce, in Management and Economics from the University of Toronto and has spent several years advising farms and small business, first with an agricultural finance company, and then with one of Canada’s big five banks. He holds has practical and educational training in finance, management, and investment strategies.

John grew up on a farm in Eastern Ontario where he envisioned aliens and dragons around every corner. Although more often than not those monsters turned out to be cows, it didn’t stop him from keeping that curiosity and passion for storytelling.

John currently lives in Eastern Ontario with his wife, Veronica and their son, Remy.

Click here to contact John if you need advice or tools on your business or assistance on your business plan. You can find him on Twitter and on Facebook.