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July 2014



The Haymow Monster

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Kenview Farms

It’s a fact of life for farmers and their children. If you have animals you need feed for them. For Patrick, that feed was housed in the scariest place in the world; the haymow. It wasn’t just a place to be feared. You never go there in the night. You barely go there in the daylight. It was a place of terror where IT lived.



March 2014



The Manure Pit – A True Story

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You can see by my last name of Kent that I have an auspicious, almost super name to live up to, and by chance, growing up on the Kent farm, wearing glasses and plaid shirts, throwing hay as a child and even now, putting pen to paper, I have not strayed from the oft used nickname that I have received over the years, but embraced it. I am a sucker for the super hero, a fanboy, soaking up what stories I can in an attempt to steal a piece of the great tapestry that the likes of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created, reliving those stories as though I was not John, but Clark, leaping tall buildings and stopping bullets.



January 2014



Prairie Farming

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Two young boys raced down hill along the side of a large field, their arms flailing around them as they fought off the imaginary beasts of Zydon, the closest occupied planet to Earth. Spring weeds and wildflowers were in full bloom around them as frogs jumped and small rodents scurried from their path. The boys joked and pushed each other as roaring tractors towing noisy planting equipment passed by uncaring. Periodically the tractor drivers would wave as they turned back towards the far end of the large field.