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April 2014



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Local Author Launches Readers to a New Reality with Orphan Station


John Kent Set to Release Self-Published Novel on April 5, 2014

(Wednesday, April 2, 2014)

Local author, John Kent is set to release recently self published science fiction novel Orphan Station on April 5, 2014.

“The process has been two years in the making,” says author, John Kent. “I’m very excited about sharing Orphan Station with the public.”

Those on Orphan Station were hardened officers, working to ensure the safe and efficient transition of passengers traveling from Earth to the new colony in the Eta Cassiopeia star system. They certainly weren’t prepared for the arrival of Selene Sotana. Orphan Station is a journey for both the characters and readers as they traverse sadness, fear, joy, and triumph. It is a coming of age tale to be enjoyed by both young adults, and adults.

Kent is not new to the world of entrepreneurship. His history in farming, in Leeds County, laid the foundation for his persistence and ability to handle the pitfalls of operating a business.  “There are so many facets to self-publishing. It’s not just writing and editing, you have to put together the cover, co-ordinate artwork, and establish a marketing plan, among other things. I’ve learned a lot through this process and already have ideas for my next novel.” Always interested in spinning his experiences and active imagination into stories, Kent has been putting pen to paper for decades. After receiving encouragement from friends and family to share his narratives with others, he is ready to share Orphan Station with the world.

“Growing up on a farm, I envisioned aliens and dragons around every corner. Although more often than not, those monsters turned out to be cows, it didn’t stop me from keeping that imagination and passion for storytelling. To this day I can’t go up into the haymow of the barn in the dark of night without a twinge of fear,” says Kent.

Local book blogger Chrystal Scales, from Snowdrop Dreams of Books blog, calls Orphan Station a refreshing take on science fiction writing. “I loved the concept of this book, but I really enjoyed the emotional journey that Selene completes during the course of the story,” says Scales.

Scales will be showcasing Orphan Station on her blog, in addition to hosting a book blitz and blog tour to help market the literary artistry. The blog tour scheduled for the end of April will result in various bloggers offering reviews centred on aspects or themes of Orphan Station.  Scales will be preparing for the blog tour with a book blitz, a multi-blog tour showcasing excerpts of Orphan Station, guest posts on many topics, mini author interviews, and a giveaway hosted by the author/blog tour host. Bloggers who are interested in participating in the blog tour are invited to sign up on her website located at

The Ebook is available now from and iBooks, to be  followed soon after by Amazon.  Print books will also be available in the coming weeks. To keep apprised of news surrounding the release of Orphan Station and to find out more about Author John Kent be sure to follow him on Twitter @kent_johng, like his Community Page on Facebook by searching John G Kent, and visit his website


Media: John Kent is available for media interview. For more information or to arrange interview times, please contact John Kent at (613)561-5795, or