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January 2015



Sustainability: 5 Sure Fire Ways To Make Businesses Responsible

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Sustainability: 5 Sure Fire Ways To Make Businesses Responsible


When it comes to commerce, you have the power. You can either take it or leave it. Normally by taking it, you are supporting the seller and saying they’re doing a great job with your money, charting a decent path to sustainability. By leaving it … Oh, but if it were so simple.

There was a time when large industries like oil and gas didn’t worry about the consequences of their actions. Large companies didn’t worry about the havoc they would wreak on the environment because as much as we rail at the cost of fuel, we still have to drive to work or import goods from around the world. In fact, we’re happy when the price falls even a little as it has in the past month, placated that we have been given a break.Such blatant disregard for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) otherwise known as sustainability isn’t owned by the oil industry alone however. It wasn’t that long ago that we were listening to stories about garment factories on fire, killing hundreds of workers and dog food companies who fool pet owners into thinking their food is actually healthy and not a cesspool of garbage designed for one reason alone: profits.

ISO 26000 is an official meter for CSR, but voluntary reporting does no good if there are no consequences and these companies will continue to walk over the line.

5 things you can do to make sure CSR is followed:

1. Leadership action

We all have a voice when it comes time to elect your government. Use it. Ask your candidates what they would do with a company that doesn’t play well with others. Codifying consequences for failing their CSR will shoot a warning shot across the bows of all the other bullies and dark horses. Want more strength? Join your riding and start canvassing for the candidate you believe in. Take responsibility.

2. Put your money where your mouth is.

Whether it’s the first dollar you’ve earned or a million dollars you’ve won. Invest it where it counts because profits aren’t everything. You can choose a bank that you respect for that first dollar and you can choose an investment that supports only companies with proven CSR.

3. Buy local

Buying local ensures you know who you are buying from. If your supplier doesn’t represent a force of good then stop buying from them and they will know it. The loss of your dollar is enough to teach them to do better. As an aside, this also sticks it to the oil industry by not needing the transportation.

4. Become self sufficient

One might lump this in with buying local, but I view it as far more empowering. There are so many things you can do yourself when you actually try. You’d be surprised. A garden is a perfect example of ensuring your food is organic because trust me, the definition of organic isn’t the same in every country.

5. Tell them, tell everyone

Shouting from the mountains just doesn’t cut it. Social media has changed that however. We can shout from the proverbial mountaintop and people will hear. Perhaps only one or two today, but given time, your audience will grow and that combined power can move mountains. Then you won’t have to shout. The slightest whisper will teach your lesson.

A hundred years ago we didn’t have televisions so we didn’t have to import them from China. We didn’t have financial pressure to push manufacturing overseas. Our circle of influence may have extended to the next town. Those who lived unsustainably didn’t last long. But, companies of today, live in a global world. Taking responsibility isn’t just what they can show you on paper. We need to make them accountable for their actions because if we don’t hold them accountable, they certainly won’t do it themselves.