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May 2015



5 Startling Consequences To Corporate Profit Decisions

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Not every decision will save money for a company.

  5 Startling Consequences To Corporate Profit Decisions There’s something about larger companies that often screams big and slow. They’re like elephants lumbering through the open fields, unable to turn away from the obstacles in their path and yet at the same time so large it doesn’t matter. In the pursuit of their goals, a decision sometimes can have side effects that can cost these companies thousands of dollars, but more importantly employee satisfaction. As employees feel sidestepped and stepped on, they go through a process of grumbling, then complaining, then quitting as they feel disconnected. All these large companies were small once, however; often started by disgruntled former employees of companies who made their own decision or two that was peculiar or disquieting. The onus is on the new business owner to ensure every decision won’t alienate your employees or accept blinders in your race towards profitability. 1. NO […]