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March 2015



Tattoo Or Not Tattoo: Are You Authentic And Professional?

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Does this man appear professional?

Tattoo Or Not Tattoo: Are You Authentic And Professional?   In my previous segments, I’ve spoken about what your social media, dress code, and body language is telling customers, that you may not be aware of. What about the other elements of your business? Are the things that your telling people from your decisions, and the actions of your employees professional? 1. Webpage In today’s day of enlightenment, most consumer’s already know what they want before they go to the store. Because of that much of your interaction with them isn’t going to be face to face. You have to have a great handshake was done poorly. No, I’m not talking about how firm you shake, I am talking about the webpage you’re using to coax you customers to visit your store. And it’s a tossup whether it’s worse to have no website versus having a poorly drafted one. Unprofessional. […]