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December 2014



Sustainability: 5 Things to Make Logging More Sustainable

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5 Things to Make Logging More Sustainable. Wood begets many things. It is the paper we read every morning with our breakfast and the table that breakfast sits on. Wood probably makes up the walls around you and the roof over your head. Wood likely played a part in your school, your work, and even your yoga studio. Hell, wood is the only ingredient you use to wipe your arse when you go to the bathroom. And even children know that everyone poops. Logging, like agriculture isn’t inherently evil, but the heated conversations that persist over the industry would make you think so. Proponents on both sides are passionate about their argument with some in either camp falling to darker tricks of misinformation. What is certain is that there are many elements to managing our forests that include the forestry industry. When it comes to those practices, there is no […]