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April 2015



11 Proven Reasons To Claim Your Cash As Income

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Accepting cash under the table.

11 Proven Reasons To Claim Your Cash As Income One of my family’s farm suppliers deals only in cash. He literally has tin cans stashed around his property filled with wads of cash. When he needs the cash for whatever reason, he trots out the back door and rustles around in the bushes, cursing the lack of light until you hear the chink of metal on metal. When he returns, the cash in hand, he smiles the smile of someone who should be on a doomsday show on History television. “Screw the man, Man,” Death and taxes. The inevitability of both is epic, spawning countless poems and stories. Neither are fun, even though we rail at them, spitting curses to the wind about their unfairness. Last week I spoke briefly of death and how it made me reminisce and think of what my legacy will be. Today I would like […]